Q. Is the vehicle I purchase full U.K. current specification?
A. All stock vehicles are 100% UK specification unless otherwise detailed.

Q. Do any of your cars come from places like Dubai, Gibraltar or Malta where the specification is different, alarms are different and the cars do not have the full underbody protection or if outside of the EU no pan European warranty cover or VW Assistance breakdown cover?
A. No, unlike some of our competitors (particularly the supermarkets) we only source our cars from the EU and specifically order them to totally UK specification, all cars have a full 2 years manufacturer warranty and come with VW Assistance breakdown cover.

Q. My insurance company has queried the alarm fitted, do cars from Euro Imports have insurance approved alarms & immobilisers fitted?
A. Definitely. All our cars are 'parallel' imports, Guaranteed identical in all respects to the equivalent UK supplied vehicle including the factory fitted alarm systems. We pride ourselves in the fact that we know how to mirror UK specifications and all of our cars are ordered with the correct UK alarm system. This is an area where less experienced importers do slip up as it is possible to order cars with lower specification (cheaper) systems. This is not an area to cut corners and take chances for obvious reasons. UK insurance companies, and in particular the operators at their call centres do not understand the difference between a correctly specified 'Parallel' import from the EU with an insurance approved alarm system and a 'Grey' import from outside the EU (normally Japan) where there is no alarm fitted as standard and the insurance company requires an approved alarm system to be fitted post production-NOTE this does NOT apply to cars supplied by Euro Imports 

 Is the price affected by currency fluctuations?
A. No! Our prices are quoted in sterling – taking out the risk associated with fluctuating currencies.

Q. Who’s will be the first name on the Log Book?
A. Yours.All of our cars arrive here unregistered and whoever buys the car will be the first registered keeper.

Q. Who does the pre delivery inspection?
A. The supplying dealership in the EU country of supply all are Authorised dealers, followed by a thorough check over by the team at Euro Imports upon its arrival in the UK.

Q. What is the wording on the Log Book?
A. ‘NEW AT FIRST REGISTRATION’ This is exactly the same as if you purchase a car in a UK dealership. Following a recent EC directive, there is no longer any reference to the car being an import on the V5 registration document.

Q. Will my VW or Audi that I buy from Euro Imports car come with a warranty, and if so how long is it for?
A. Yes, it is European Law that all European Union supplied cars come with an unlimited mileage 2 year Pan European Warranty from the supplying factory.

Q. Why is the duration of the warranty on a UK supplied VW or Audi for 3 years and not 2?
A. The warranty on a UK supplied VW or Audi is for a total of 3 years or 60,000 miles (whichever is the sooner). It is NOT 3 a year warranty from the manufacturer, like the EU supplied cars that we sell the UK supplied car comes with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty from the manufacturer, it is supplemented by an additional 1 year warranty, this is an insurance based warranty, Dealer network warranty that is not as comprehensive as the first 2 years. it is European Law that all European Union supplied cars come with an unlimited mileage 2 year Pan European Warranty from the supplying factory.

Q. Can I purchase the 3rd year warranty for my VW or Audi so it has the same amount of warranty as a UK supplied car?
A. Yes you can purchase additional warranty for all our cars to commence at the end of the manufacturer's warranty period.This is purchased normally at your local dealership service department or direct from the manufacturer's HQ in the UK.

Q. Will my Porsche that I buy from Euro Imports come with a warranty, and if so how long is it for?
A. Yes, unlike most manufacturers the Porsche warranty is unique it is a 2 year worldwide warranty and identical to the warranty that you would receive on a UK supplied Porsche.

Q. Will my Land Rover that I buy from Euro Imports come with a warranty, and if so how long is it for?
A. Yes, with a Land Rover the manufacturers warranty is for 3 years and identical to the warranty that you would receive on a UK supplied Land Rover.

Q. Will my car with the breakdown assistance that UK supplied cars come with?
A. Yes as the car is EU supplied and the warranty is the same all over Europe you will receive the same level of cover as per a UK supplied car including their breakdown assistance.

Q. Can I extend the warranty?
A. Yes, you can. There is an option to extend the warranty either through the UK main dealer network where prices are available on request. Alternatively there are a number of ‘after market’ warranty programmes available that are equal to and even superior to the extended warranties offered by the main dealer networks. (see our warranty page for more details on the ones we offer)

Q. The salesperson I spoke to at my local dealership says they will not service the car if it is an ‘import’?
A. Unfortunately some of the sales people in the UK do resort to what can only be described as ‘dirty’ tactics in order to try and persuade you not to go elsewhere to buy a car, the inability to get the servicing done being one way, even claiming the parts are different. Total nonsense, the cars are the same and the service department are happy to see you (and your money!) for all the servicing. In the event of any warranty issues they get paid by the manufacturer-more income!

Q. The salesperson I spoke to at my local dealership says they will not take an 'import' in part exchanges a bit later in the car's life, why is that?
A. Again this is another tactic that UK rely on to put you off buying a car from the likes of ourselves. Unless the car is made in the UK (like the Land Rovers we sell) the cars the dealerships are supplying are also 'imports', they all come from the same factory, they are made on the same production line, by the same people in exactly the same way, they don't know when they are building a car where the car is destined, it is not as if they build the cars that are destined for the UK via another EU member state in an inferior way! The truth of the matter is that provided the car is UK specification (which all of ours are) most dealerships will take the car in part exchange, of course they will try and use the fact that it is EU supplied to try and steal the car from you, that is not because it is worth any less (perhaps £400 during the 1st 3 years for the absence of the 3rd year warranty at the most) but because they see it as an opportunity to buy the car for less so they can make more money. It is a fact that the car will be up on their forecourt at full price the next day.     
Q. Is the price I receive from Euro Imports fully inclusive and fixed with no hidden extras?
A. Yes it is, unlike most of our competitors we quote our cars in a fixed £sterling price using an achievable exchange rate fully inclusive of everything including UK VAT at 17.5%, delivery by transporter to our premises, 12 months Road Fund Licence, 1st registration fee number plates, secondary valeting (See quotation elements for a full list of what our quote includes). We know that some of our competitors to make themselves look attractive quote at totally unachievable exchange rates to make the car look cheaper and then cover themselves in the small print that the price payable is variable according to the exchange rate achieved at the time of delivery as opposed to at the time of the order-so you end up paying more then the original quote, we know that they charge fees to fix the exchange rate (we don't), we know that they leave out other things like transport, road fund licence, etc. even cut corners with specification differences. None of these practices do we engage in at Euro Imports, the price we quote is the price you pay.

Q. What deposit is normally required?
A. A deposit of the £1,000 including VAT is normally required on our stock vehicles, a £2,000 deposit is required for a car that is 'built to order'.

Q. Who do I pay my money to and when?
A. The deposit is paid by credit card to Euro Imports only after you have received everything in writing from us and all is acceptable.

Q. When is the balance payable and do I have to pay before I see the car?
A. The balance is payable when you either collect the car or have it delivered and only when you are totally satisfied with your purchase. Unlike most of our competitors who ask for payment before you see the car. As part of Euro Imports service, we pay the balance to the supplying dealer on your behalf and transport the car (on transporters) to our premises in Sussex. We will then contact you to come and view the car, and only when you are 100% satisfied, you pay the balance. In the unlikely event of you not being satisfied with anything i.e. specification incorrect, then Euro Imports undertake to refund you the deposit paid to the dealer and purchase the vehicle from you.

Q. Do you arrange finance?
A. Yes, most types of finance are available through our association with finance specialists Sussex Asset Finance including standard HP, Lease Purchase etc all at competitive rates. They are independent finance brokers and have access to all the mainstream lenders. Ring them directly on 01444 246000.

Q. Do you take cars in part exchange?
A. Yes we do consider part exchange, call us with full details so we can come up with an offer.

Q. Do I need to do any of the paperwork?
A. No, Euro Imports completes everything on your behalf, we now benefit from being 'on line' with the DVLA on their 'AFRL' registration system so once in receipt of all relevant proofs of ID and residency and confirmation of insurance the registration now takes minutes as opposed to the old postal applications which takes up to 2 weeks to complete the registration.

Q. How many miles will my car have on the clock?
A. Your car will arrive with delivery miles only on the clock. This is typically less than 20 miles. The car is transported to our premises in West Sussex on a Transporter and is not driven at any time.

Q. Can I arrange for my car to be delivered to my door?
A. No problem, we have found that more and more people want delivery to their door. We have our own single car transporter with full insurance cover. Delivery by transporter can be arranged through Euro Imports at extra cost. We charge reasonable rates-why not call us for a quotation.

Q. Will my car be valeted?
A. In addition to the supplying dealers valet, Euro Imports will valet your vehicle for you just prior to collection/delivery.Euro Imports is also able to offer a 'Silver Seal' paintwork application on all new vehicles to offer extra protection for your new vehicle. Further details of the product are available at www.autosmart.co.uk The cost of this service is available on application.

Q. Can I have a tracker system fitted to my car prior to collection?
A. A tracking system can be fitted to your car at an extra cost, (the cost for this service is available on application.)

Q. Can I get extra items like mobile phone preparation or dealer fitted options for my car through Euro Imports?
A. Euro Imports can arrange for fitment of phone kits and provide you with any retailer options you may require often at favourable prices.