About Us

Euro Imports was established in 1997 at the time when 'importing' cars into the UK was at it's peak and the media was awash with coverage over the ‘Rip Off’ prices we as consumers in the UK were paying for cars as compared to the rest of mainland Europe. 

As time has passed we have seen both a decline in the strength of the pound against most EU currencies and also the manufacturer’s dealer networks have had to introduce more discounts resulting in the prices in the UK coming down to be more in line with the prices charged in Europe.

So with the days of huge discounts on cars now gone why is Euro Imports still in business when so many of the other companies that were around have either disappeared or moved into selling discounted UK supplied cars?

The answer is for two reasons
1. Because we have chosen to specialise in cars that you either cannot get or cars that you can get but cannot get a discount on in the UK, yet we are still able to offer a healthy saving.
2. Because we have the confidence to invest in cars for stock, Euro Imports always has cars that are either in stock for immediate delivery or cars that are ‘in the pipeline’ often still specification changeable so the customer can not only have their preferred specification but can also get the car much quicker than a newly placed order.

We all know that when a manufacturer comes up with a ‘winner’, a sought after car that people want, the dealers rub their hands together because there are more customers than there are cars.
It’s the one car that you just can’t get any discount on, it is the car that the main dealers know they can sell easily, make their full margin and just don’t need to offer you a discount or an acceptable part exchange offer  – these are the cars that Euro Imports concentrate on to give you an alternative.

Car buying has changed over the years, largely due to the internet people have many choices as to how and where they buy their next car from. Ultimately the car they end up with comes from the same production line, it is built in the same way and is identical from whichever source they choose to buy it from.

Euro Imports is one of those sources, with 10 years experience in the makes and models that we supply we like to think we know a good deal about the cars we supply (usually a lot more than the unmotivated, disinterested salespersons with little or no enthusiasm for the products they are selling employed at main dealers!).

By the time we speak to most of our customers they have already made up their mind about which car they are going to buy, which transmission they want, the number of doors, the colour they have decided upon and have a good idea of the options and the budget they have for the car.

We are not out there trying to be the cheapest (we never will be), there are always ways to look cheaper on the face of it, to cut corners either in the specification of the car or non inclusion of certain things.

Euro Imports is in this business to offer a total solution by way of a professional, honest, reliable and no-nonsense service supplying the exact same vehicle as the UK supplied version, fully inclusive with no hidden extras to customers that want the minimum amount of hassle & inconvenience to make their hard earned money go further.

Of course we do not expect you to just take our word for it, see some of the reviews about us (and our competitors) for yourself on the internet at forums like www.tyresmoke.net.
Because we are well established and funded and have been around for 10 years we have evolved into being a ‘one stop shop’ for our customers we are able to offer competitive rate finance, part exchange facilities, delivery by transporter to your door.

Recently more and more of our past customers are calling us as their first point of contact for their new car even if it is not a model we import we are able to procure UK supplied models often at a significantly better price than the customer can negotiate, more attractive finance rates and a better part exchange price than they have been offered. We can also supply Left Hand Drive cars at attractive prices for customers with holiday homes in Europe.

All we ask is that when considering your next purchase you make Euro Imports one of the people you contact.